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This site lists some selected  projects, that have been carried out by myself as a freelance geologist or in interdisciplinary teamwork with engineers, geologists, chemists and ecologists of Dr. Blasy - Dr. Øverland Consulting Engineers, Eching, or Erdwerk GmbH, Munich. Also some projects carried out during my employment time (before 1997) at Dr. Blasy + Mader Consulting Engineers are listed.

Actual projects refer mainly to water resources studies carried out by giz international services/Dornier Consulting in Saudi Arabia.

The projects are briefly described by objectives of the project and, in some cases, methods applied. Have a look on the project data sheets on my German sites to get an idea about some interesting projects. The English versions are available on request. Also a complete project and reports list since 1992 is available on request.

More projects can be found on the German pages.

Almost all of the projects are documented in internal expert's reports. Therefore, it is, with respect to the clients, not possible to offer material for download.

Exploration of thermal water resource, Bad Wörishofen, 2005

Exploration of Groundwater and Geothermal Energy

  • Project planning: Planning & Cost Survey Reports (technical parts) for the Rub' Al-Khali and Khuff-Jilh-Minjur Water Resources Studies, Saudi Arabia, 2010

  • Preparation of the tender documents and planning for the Rub' Al-Khali Water Resources drilling program, Saudi Arabia, 2010

  • Technical proposal for the groundwater resources studies in the wadis and Harrats on the Arabian Shield, Saudi Arabia, 2010

  • Hydrogeological investigations, water resources studies and forecasts on the water supply situation in alpine areas under special consideration of climate change effects in the Berchtesgaden National Park, Germany, 2009 - 2010

  • Cost controlling for the geothermal doublets Unterföhring and Aschheim, Munich/Germany, 2008 - 2010

  • Evaluation and documentation of the Wajid Water Resources drilling program (24 sites, approx. 14,000 linear drilling meters, depths of up to 1,550 meters b.g.l.), Saudi Arabia, 2008 - 2010

  • Management and evaluation of the water point inventory for the Wasia-Biyadh-Aruma Water Resources Study, Saudi Arabia, 2008 - 2010

  • Feasibility study for the groundwater exploration and drinking water supply in the Asir mountains, Saudi Arabia, 2007

  • Site supervision, geological documentation and cost controlling at the deep drill hole site near the city of Bad Wörishofen, Bavaria (2.600 m MD)
    Objectives: Exploration of geothermal energy and thermal water resources, 2005 - 2006

  • Planning and site supervision for a drinking water well (60 m), Loisach valley, Bavaria, 2005

  • Planning and site supervision for a drinking water well, Georgensgmünd, Franconia/Bavaria, 2004

  • Drinking water exploration for the city of Weilheim/Bavaria; system analysis, planning of a 48 m drinking water well, site supervision, groundwater modelling, evaluation of seismic data and hydrogeological data from about 25 wells and boreholes, DEM of the aquitard surface, report, 1998 - 2003

  • Planning, supervision and evaluation of an seven months pumping test in the Isar valley south of Munich, planning of a 35 m test well, evaluation of more than 60 analysis results on hydrochemical and microbiological parameters, report and presentation to authorities, 2001

  • Planning and site supervision for a 220 m drinking water well in tertiary sediments near Schondorf/Ammersee; evaluation of drilling and geophysical results and pumping test, 2001

  • Feasibility study for groundwater exploration in the Isar valley south of Munich; planning monitoring measures with data loggers in 15 observation wells in two aquifers, analysis of a complex geological situation, report with recommendations for further exploration, 1998 - 2001


Model-derived flow paths and protection area

Groundwater Protection

  • System analysis and catchment area studies on six drinking water wells of the city of Weilheim/Bavaria with recommendations for the groundwater protection area, 2001 - 2003

  • GIS-based catchment area studies on four drinking water wells of the city of Penzberg/Bavaria with recommendations for the groundwater protection area, evaluating geohydrological data from more than 50 boreholes; construction and interpretation of surface maps on groundwater tables and aquitards, 1998 - 2005

  • GIS-based catchment area studies on three drinking water wells near Windach/Bavaria in a geological complex situation,  recommendations for the groundwater protection area, report, 2001 - 2004

  • More than 20 projects concerning groundwater-related law for communities and industry in Bavaria, 1997 - 2006

  • Several studies on catchment areas of public drinking water supplies in southern Bavaria, 1997 - 2006

  • Planning and supervision for redevelopment measures of wells, 1997 - 2006


Monitoring diagram


  • Hydrogeological monitoring on 34 observation wells at the federal highway A99 construction site, Munich, 2003 - 2006

  • Groundwater monitoring on about 130 observation wells at the Munich International Trade Fair Center, cooperation with authorities involved in subway tunnel construction, 1995 - 2005

  • Groundwater monitoring on about 80 observation wells at the Munich Airport MUC II with 18 reports for the authorities involved, 1999 - 2004

  • Groundwater monitoring at a group of gravel pits with a 36 years long monitoring period at Isar valley near Landshut, 2000 - 2004


DEMs of aquifer and aquitard surfaces

System Analysis and Risk Assessment

  • Risk analysis of a motorway project in a drinking water protection area near the city of Simbach, Bavaria, GIS- and CAD-based evaluations, recommendations to minimize conflicts, 2002

  • Risk analysis for a central disposal site near the city of Pfaffenhofen, Bavaria, analyzing flow and transport in three aquifers with about 25 observation wells, DEMs of aquitard structures, evaluation of a long time hydrochemical monitoring programme, report, 2000 - 2001

  • Geological studies for flood protection planning on four sites south of Regensburg, Bavaria, planning and supervision of a drilling programme in quaternary and cretaceaous sediments, evaluation of geophysical borehole investigations, reports, 1998

  • Geological-geohydrological investigations on the extension of a central disposal site near the city of Deggendorf, East Bavaria, planning of a drilling and monitoring programme in tertiary sediments and hardrocks (granites, gneisses) with special respect to the environmental suitability of the site, evaluation of more than 30 boreholes and interpretation of geological structures, report, 1993

  • Geological-geohydrological investigations on the suitability of fourteen potential disposal sites in three departments of Bavaria; planning, supervision and evaluation of drilling and monitoring programmes with about 90 boreholes and observation wells, negotiations with authorities, lawyers and owners, interpretation of geological structures and flow by cross sections and DEMs, risk assessment and recommendations, reports, 1992 - 1997


Aquitard DEM and groundwater flow

Groundwater Modelling

  • Groundwater modelling to verify flow situation for a protection area recommendation near the city of Weilheim, Bavaria, 2002

  • Simulation-based feasibility study on groundwater exploration near the city of Ingolstadt/Bavaria, evaluation of river infiltration, recommendations for further exploration and planning of a drinking water well, report, 2001

  • Flow simulation around a group of gravel pits to plan stabilizing measures for flood protection at Isar valley near the city of Landshut, report, 2001

  • Regional groundwater modelling around a gravel pit lake area with special respect to environmental effects on a nature protection area, Gundelfingen/Danube river, Bavaria; evaluations of flow in quaternary, tertiary and jurassic aquifers, investigations on interaction between groundwater and  rivers, evaluation of a ten years monitoring programme, recommendations for open-cast mining and conservation, report, 1996

  • Simulation of the effects of rainwater infiltration at the Munich International Trade Fairs Center; threedimensional modelling of subsurface buildings and several scenarios, DEMs of resulting flow situations, CAD-based visualisation, 1996


Geological map of New Idria, California

Thematic Mapping

  • CAD- and GIS-based maps on geology and mineral resources worldwide for LAPIS (Christian Weise Verlag, Munich), 1998 - 2005

  • Cartographic work with CAD and GIS for most of the projects listed above, 1992 - 2010


Study trip on Bavarian geology, Grammar School

Study Trips and Training

  • Conception of a one week study trip on geology and mineral resources in Eastern Bavaria for geography teachers at grammar school, 1999

  • Workshop on geohydrological investigations for potential disposal sites for engineers from India, 1999

  • Several study trips on geology, nature and culture in Bavaria as nature guide approved by the Academy for Conservation, Laufen, Bavaria, 2000 - 2003


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