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Wagerer GeoConsult - An Introduction

This site gives a short overview on the services I offer as a Consulting Geologist, a summary of my most important projects and my personal background.

I am working as an independent Consulting Geologist approved by the Association of German Geologists (BDG). Main fields of my work are applied hydrogeology, water management and geoinformation.

Educational background are studies of mineralogy in Germany and Geographical Information Sciences in Austria. I am holding a diploma in Mineralogy, equivalent to a M.Sc. in geology, and a M.Sc. in Geographical Information Science and Systems.

Starting my career 1991 as a project geologist at a well-known engineering bureau in South Germany I am working in a wide range of fields in applied geosciences until today. Since 1997 I am managing projects of almost all sizes as a freelance geologist.

In late  2006 I started offering also international services. Since that, I had several assignments as a senior expert hydrogeology in a multinational expert team of  Dornier Consulting / gtz international services in Riyadh/Saudi Arabia working mainly on major water resources projects and bid management.

My job is to offer complete project managing: This usually starts with consulting,  planning and feasibility studies and is followed by setting up special contracts, e.g. for drilling companys. Complete field works and tests are planned, supervised and evaluated by special software and visualized by CAD and GIS. I also offer an own high accurate dGPS-supported system to collect data myself. Projects are usually completed by expert's reports describing aims of the project, methods, results and their interpretation.

With this educational and professional background Wagerer GeoConsult is a reliable partner for you in all questions and problems around geology and geoinfomation.

Josef W. Wagerer

Consulting Geologist

Dietramszell, in March 2018

 Berufsverband Deutscher Geowissenschaftler

UNIGIS Salzburg

  • Consulting

  • Planning

  • Contract Management

  • Site Supervision


  • Groundwater Exploration

  • Groundwater Protection

  • Technical Hydrogeology

  • Geothermal Energy

  • Risk Assessment

  • Monitoring


  • GPS-Survey

  • GIS-Consulting

  • Data Management

  • Spatial Analysis

  • Cartography


  • Documentation

  • Interpretation

  • Evaluation

  • Expert's reports