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Dipl.-Min. Josef W. Wagerer MSc.

Consulting Geologist

(Beratender Geowissenschaftler BDG)


Groundwater exploration Loisach Valley


Consulting Geologist approved by the Association of German Geologists (BDG), Expert Hydrogeology (BVFS e.V.)


Project management and consulting for Applied Hydrogeology, Water Management and Geoinformation

  • Groundwater exploration, planning of drinking water wells

  • Management of drinking water resources and protection areas

  • Planning of monitoring programmes

  • Exploration of geothermal energy

  • Site supervision

  • Spatial analysis and risk assessment

  • Hydrogeological studies

  • Groundwater modelling 

  • GIS Consulting

  • CAD- and GIS-based cartography


Master of Science (GIS), Salzburg/Austria 2004

Diplom-Mineraloge Univ., Munich/Germany 1990

Liwa/Abu Dhabi 2011

National Park Berchtesgaden 2009

Saudi Arabia 2007

F.S. Gauss 1999

Carbonates in episyenit, Master Thesis 1987


06/09 - pres.     Expert Hydrogeology and Water Management, Munich/Germany

10/12 - 01/13    Expert Water Resources Management, GIZ, Prishtina/Kosovo

05/10 - 06/12    Short Term Expert Hydrogeology - giz international services, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

06/07 - 03/10    Consultant, Fa. Erdwerk GmbH, Munich

08/08 - 01/10    Well Survey Manager, gtz international services, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

05/08 - 01/10    Short Term Expert Hydrogeology, gtz international services, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

08/07 - 11/07    Consultant, gtz international services, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

11/06 - 04/07    Senior Expert Hydrogeology, Dornier Consulting GmbH, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

06/06 - 09/06    Consultant, Fa. Erdwerk GmbH, Munich

09/97 - 05/06    Consultant, Dr. Blasy - Dr. Øverland Consulting Engineers, Eching

03/05 - 02/06    Consultant, Fa. Erdwerk GmbH, Munich

04/98 - 12/04    Consultant Cartography, Christian Weise Verlag, Munich

02/92 - 09/97    Employed Geologist, Dr. Blasy + Mader Consulting Engineers, Eching

11/91 - 01/92    Freelance Site Supervisor, Dr. Blasy + Mader Consulting Engineers, Eching

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English -  fluent

French -   fair

Spanish - basic knowledges

German - mother tongue


Association of German Geologists (Berufsverband Deutscher Geowissenschaftler e.V., Bonn)

International Association of Hydrogeologists (IAH)

International Mine Water Association (IMWA)

German Association of Free Experts (Berufsverband Freier Sachverständiger e.V., Düsseldorf)

Section Hydrogeology of the German Geological Association (FH-DGG)

Working Group "Hydrogeology of Arid Environments" (within FH-DGG)



Josef W. Wagerer, Munich in May 2013
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